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The Metropolitan Museum of Art & The Boom Boom Room at Standard Hotel

Friday, September 23 2010, Dr. Alfred Sofer participated in an event to raise money for the Brazil Foundation. The event happened at the Metropolitan Museums of Arts, in Manhattan, and raised more than $ 2 million in donations.

The Brazil Foundations raises awareness of the many Brazilian non-profit organizations with annual grants in the fields of Education, Health, Human Rights, Citizenship and Culture. The star of the night was Giselle Bundchen, who donated $ 50.000 dollars. Among other famous stars who donated, Madonna contributed by phone in the amount of $ 25.000 dollars.

The after party took place on the Standard Hotel in NYC. It was a very pleasant atmosphere, with so many friends enjoying the wonderful evening. Many described the event as one of the best parties of the year. Dr. Sofer had a amazing night with many Brazilian and international celebrities like the Brazilian Calvin Klein designer, Francisco Costa, Ricardo Mansur the Brazilian polo player, Actress Ann Hathaway, and Jim Carrey.



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