Actual breast augmentation for a patient of Dr. Sofer's. Click to see her before and after pictures.

Actual breast augmentation for a patient of Dr. Sofer's. Click to see her before and after pictures.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Have you been considering breast augmentation, but are hesitant about the surgery? Breast augmentation is the most common type of plastic surgery in general and at the Plastic Surgery Center of Fairfield in Connecticut and New York. Dr. Sofer finds breast augmentation to be a very gratifying procedure as the results are great and patients are happy. Yet, Dr. Sofer understands that choosing to undergo surgery is a difficult decision. Some of the issues that may make you hesitant about surgery are addressed here in a Q&A format. We hope that this Q&A can help ease the decision-making process and encourage you to trust us to meet your needs.


Saline breast implants - These implants are known for their uniform shape, firmness and feel. They are FDA approved for women 18 years of age and up who are seeking breast implants. Saline implants are filled with sterile saline solution. 

Silicone breast implants - Silicone implants are associated with more natural breast tissue feel as they are filled with silicone gel. Ultrasounds or MRI screening scan assess implant condition.

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Gummy bear breast implants - These implants are shaped versus round. They also have more projection at the bottom and are tapered towards the top.

Round breast implants - Round implants are regarded for their fuller appearance. There are even more high-profile options if more projection is sought by the patient.


Actual Breast Augmentation Patient: Click to see her before and after pictures.

Actual Breast Augmentation Patient: Click to see her before and after pictures.


Consultation at Plastic Surgery Center of Fairfield:

3D evaluation with Vectra 3D imaging system will be utilized to help us choose the implant that is right for you. Learn more about Vectra 3D imaging system.

Average duration of surgery for breast augmentation: 

1 hour 


General anesthesia is provided by a board certified anesthesiologist in an accredited surgical facility or hospital.

Delivery of the implant: No-touch technique with the use of Keller Funnel Learn more about Keller Funnel here.

Breast Augmentation Recovery:

  • Recovery room time - 1-2 hours
  • Pain medication/muscle relaxant time - 3 days to manage surgical discomfort 
  • Time to resume your daily living activities - 10-14 days
  • Time to resume full exercise - 4-6 weeks

Breast Augmentation Q&A

What are my breasts going to look like after my breast augmentation?

What are the complications?

  • Any surgery involves some risks, but risks of complications are extremely rare. 

Where is the surgery performed?

  • Safety is the most important factor. Your surgery is performed under anesthesia by a board certified anesthesiologist at an accredited surgery center or hospital setting.

What is the level of discomfort?

  • The first 2-3 days you will be on pain control medications and muscle relaxants. Pain subsides significantly after the third day.

How long is the recovery?

  • You usually need about 10 days to 2 weeks until you can get back to the activities of your daily life. If you have surgery on Friday then you should be able to get back to work by the Monday after. Full exercise will take about 6 weeks to perform.

Plastic Surgery Cost for Breast Augmentation 

Plastic Surgery Cost Breakdown:   These costs usually include a one time fee that includes everything from start to finish. Here is a rough breakdown of the fees:

  • There is a 1-hour consultation with the doctor and nurses.
  • Then, there is a 1-2 hour pre-op appointment. In this appointment, paperwork is reviewed and information is gathered regarding medications as well as follow-up appointments. There may also be implant section photos.
  • There is a fee for the doctor along with the surgery's anesthesia, an operating room fee for equipment, the room fee and staff.
  • There will be a cost for the implants as well as all follow-up visits. There are typically 3-6 visits, which are about 15-30 minutes each. In these follow-up visit there will be charges for equipment and bandages used.
  • Post-op photos come with a cost and if garments are used they may or may not be included in the total charge.
  • Additionally, there is a 24-hour on-call surgeon who will factor into your total cost.

There are some factors that can cause these fees to different from doctor to doctor and place to place.

  1. Geography: Where you live (cost of living)
  2. Surgical Time:  For the most part this is an individual factor, especially in larger surgeries such as tummy tuck and mommy makeovers. 
  3. Skill:  The skill of your doctor
  4. Implants:  Depending on what implant you choose 

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