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Actual Patient of Dr. Sofer

Actual Patient of Dr. Sofer

Dr. Alfred Sofer, board certified plastic surgeon, is acknowledged as one of the leading, expert breast surgeons in Fairfield County Connecticut, with considerable experience, understanding and training in micro vascular breast surgery. Dr. Sofer has received many awards and citations from numerous groups for excellence in plastic surgery expertise.

Breast Enhancement Procedures are a choice many women elect for a variety of personal desires. Breast surgery can augment existing breast tissue and improve fullness, lift sagging breasts, correct asymmetry of the breasts, reduce the size, or, completely reconstruct breasts after loss as a result of breast cancer.

A woman’s breasts often change over time, losing youthful shape and firmness. These changes and the loss of skin elasticity can result from pregnancy, breast feeding, weight fluctuation, aging, gravity, and heredity. Breast Surgery can assist in correcting some of these changes with results enhancing the breasts and offering a more aesthetically pleasing look.

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3D Breast Surgery Simulation Imaging System
– First for Fairfield County

New – Vectra 3D Simulation Of Surgical Outcomes


Experience the most advanced 3D imaging technology available, the VECTRA system allows you to get an unprecedented look at the results of your breast augmentation surgery.

With VECTRA’s high-resolution, three dimensional photo-simulations, you can now visualize results of your breast augmentation, or lift surgery during your consultation, with the ability to virtually try different sized implants with just a click on the computer.
Breast augmentation can be difficult to envision simply by placing implants inside a bra. The Vectra 3-D Breast Imaging system helps give breast augmentation patients a more precise illustration of what to expect after surgery.

As part of the consultation and planning for breast augmentation, Dr. Sofer’s patients can now see 3-Dimensional images of their breasts with the implants they choose. Implant size and type can be changed, and then the result visualized again, until the patient is satisfied and comfortable with their choice.

Vectra 3-D allows for views from any angle. Your anatomy structure, of your breastbone, collarbone, ribs, and nipple are marked to provide reference points. The volume of your natural breast tissue and the shape of your rib cage can be accurately displayed to see results of your breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Sofer will help you decide on the size, shape, and type of breast implant you need to receive the best possible results. Vectra 3-D uses values based on actual silicone or saline implants so that the virtual implant will precisely match the size and shape of the implant that will be used. Placement of the implant can be precisely adjusted to reflect actual breast augmentation surgery. Different sized implants can be used to correct breast asymmetry.

Vectra 3-D is a powerful aid in making decisions about your breast augmentation surgery, to obtain the most natural results. You can take home a printout with pre-operative images of your breasts with the implants discussed during your consultation.




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