Breast Lift Before and After Photo Gallery

These breast lift photographs depict the natural and youthful appearance that Dr. Sofer provides his patients. Although every patient may not have the same results, patients who have gone through childbirth notice a difference in shape and firmness due to implants, tissue tightening and the removal of excess skin.

Case 671

Breast Augmentation with a lift on the left  breast with 275cc Silicon implants, done by Dr. Alfred Sofer


Case 1073

Breast lift with breast implant at the Plastic surgery center of Fairfield

Case 5724

Breast Lift with breast implant Fairfield County Connecticut

Case 3663

42 year old female with significant volume loss and sagging breast after childbirth. Patient's areola was moved for a more aesthetic result. For a natural look 300 cc Saline breast implant was used. Breast life can be preformed in two ways. Either the incisions can go around the areola or may also extend underneath the breast depending on the level of sagging of the breast.

breast lift with implant

Case 2390

Breast lift with implant alone can fill the upper pole of the breast and lift it. This depends on the level of droopiness of the breast and the desired size.

Case 2392

Breast lift with implants gave this 36 years old patient from Southport a fuller and more youthful look.

Case 6221

After 2 kids this women's breast had lost fullness and volume. She had a breast lift with implant by Dr. Alfred Sofer.

Case 2298

Breast Lift Surgery with breast implant to provide fullness and a natural shape. Plastic Surgery was completed by Dr. Alfred Sofer in Connecticut.

Case 429

35 year old patient from Fairfield, CT. Had a Breast Lift with Silicon implants done by the Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Alfred Sofer.