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Realself review of Dr. Alfred Sofer

He is a very great plastic surgeon. I went to him because he's a board certified plastic surgeon and he came highly recommended to me.

Realself review of Dr. Alfred Sofer

I wanted a tummy tuck because I was very depressed...I wanted a tummy tuck because I was very depressed about my stretched out stomach. I had 2 kids in less than 3 years and I could never get rid of my belly bump and tighten the extra skin in my stomach. I knew the surgery would require some recovery time, and that it would also leave a scar, however, I already had a scar from a c-section and with the way my stomach looked a scar would be a better alternative. It was also important to me to find the right doctor. A board certified plastic surgeon that had done a lot of this type of surgery. Meeting Dr. S’s patients at the open house really helped. You could tell that they really liked him and having been a patient now, I can understand why. He’s a talented doctor and seems to really care about his patients.

Realself review of Dr. Alfred Sofer

I have been seeing Dr. Sofer for botox and juvederm for years. My sister had her breast enlarged with him and also had a great experience. I just trust him and his office. Very accommodating.

Realself review of Dr. Alfred Sofer

5 out of 5 stReaReRI have been seeing Dr. Sofer for botox and juvederm for years. My sister had her breast enlarged with him and also had a great experience. I just trust him and his office. Very accommodating.

Realself review of Dr. Alfred Sofer

Globo Brazilian television. Dr. Sofer and his team are the best! Dr. Sofer was the first doctor we visited and the one we chose. The staff in the office are a pleasure to work with and being Brazilian it was great to just feel right at home. Everyday my mom would have new questions and they were all very attentive and supportive throughout the process. I recommend Dr. Sofer and the staff with my eyes closed! BEST DR. EVER!

Google Review of Dr. Alfred Sofer

I had the laser skin resurfacing, the CO2 fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment called Total FX in 2012 and again in 2013. I am 66 years of age and it has brightened my skin, lightened my deep pores and lessened my wrinkles. Prudy does the procedure. She is an RN and doctor Sofer"s smart, competent, and highly experienced wife. She is top notch!!

It takes a few weeks... even month ...with follow up creams...for the redness to go away--so I have learned I need patience if I want some of my facial youth back!! But well worth the time and money.

I have age spots on my arms and I may do them next in February... Prudy just told me this can be done now...........even legs!!!!

You do not have to be my age to get this treatment...go to Dr Sofer's website and watch the doctor show about a woman 48. I saw this show and then found Dr Sofer's office ...... it is what made me get the procedure! so...go for it ladies!

Vitals Reviews of Dr. Alfred Sofer

Dr. Sofer and his team are the best! Being younger than most patients (18), I was a little bit to undergo my breast augmentation surgery. My parents were super supportive but would only allow it if they truly believed in the doctor and his team. Dr. Sofer was the first doctor we visited and the one we chose. The staff in the office are a pleasure to work with and being Brazilian it was great to just feel right at home. Everyday my mom would have new questions and they were all very attentive and supportive throughout the process.The result was amazing and I couldn't be happier. I am more confident and happier with myself. I recommend Dr. Sofer and the staff with my eyes closed! BEST DR. EVER!

Dr. Sofer is the best in town hands down! He not only answered all my questions, but he has excellent work ethics and is professional. I am very happy with my results. His staff is very friendly and I love the fact that they have a Rewards Program!

My face has never looked better. I went to have a facial consultation. Walked out a happy women. Everything looks perfect and I love the SoferMD products. I recommend this place.

I can't say enough about Dr. Sofer and his staff. My experience started with a groupon for Botox and ended with a face lift and chin implant. From the front office staff to the post-surgical follow-ups to everything in between...Amazing! The entire procedure was one of complete satisfaction. Thank you Dr. Sofer and your office team.

I always wanted a breast augmentation. After shopping around in Faifield CT area I decided to choose Dr. Sofer due to the great results of other patients ( they show me photos), his experience and the most important his bed side manner. He is such a down to earth doctor. He really spent time with me. His staff is great and very caring from the moment I walk in, thru the entire process of pre- ops, payments and follow ups. I loved my results and I righly recommend.

Outstanding experience with Dr. Sofer and his staff. It has been a pleasure to walk into this office. Very clean, friendly and professional. The results of my surgery are just as I had wanted. I will be going back for my botox soon. Thank you Dr. Sofer and Staff!

The entire experience with Dr. Sofer and his staff was incredible. He answered all my questions, made me comfortable, and I got exactly the result I was hoping for. Very professional office. I HIGHLY recommend him!

I had a mommy makeover with Dr. Sofer and I'm very very happy with my results. I got my body back! I can't say enough about how wonderful this doctor is. I highly recommend Dr. Sofer and will be sending lots of friends and family to him.

Prior to my actual augmentation, I had several consultations in NYC and in CT. I chose doctors that were rated highly, Dr Sofer being one of my choices. He was my last consultation and my choice was clear after meeting with him. Not only is he professional in his work ethic, but he demonstrated a sincere concern for my needs and talked openly about my anxieties regarding the actual procedure and what I wanted as an end result. I met with him several times before and after my surgery and I can truly say he is indisputably a talented doctor with a great personality. As a 'Before' - my breasts were not proportionate to the rest of my body. Now as an 'After' - my breasts are the size that matches the rest of my body and they look very natural. I have recommended him to family and friends.

Saw Dr. Sofer for liposuction for my stomach. He did such an excellent job and I am so excited to have a nice flat stomach again after 2 kids. I was back to work in 4 days. He is also just the nicest doctor I have met. I highly recommend him.

I had my surgery 5 months ago and I have to say it was, by far, one of the best things I have done. Dr. Sofer made me feel so comfortable and spent a lot of time with me during all my appointments. I had my breast lifted with implants and they look better than they did before I needed a breast lift. I really had a wonderful experience. What a great talented doctor and office.

I had my breast augmentation to fill out the massive loss of volume that I had after I had children. I had always been on the small size so I wasn't sagging much, but I did loose most of the volume. I wanted to look better in my clothes, so I research doctors in the city and connecticut. I went with Dr. Sofer because I really liked his website and the before and afters where amazing. He was also very detailed and explaining exactly what size would be right for my bodies shape and size for the best natural look. (this was very important to me) He was spot on! They are just right. It's been 2 months now and I am referring everyone I know to him. I can't wait for the summer and see how I look in a bathing suit!!

I think Dr Sofer was excellent it took me 10 years to find the right doctor i couldnt ask for better he was so kind and caring and was concerned with me and what i was looking for. My breast look wonderful and im very HAPPY :)

I was referred to Dr. Sofer through a friend and I'm so happy that I was. I was going through some changes "age" that I was not happy with. I wanted a natural and younger look within my budget. Dr. Sofer did Botox, Radiesse, and Eyelid surgery and OMG what a huge difference. Dr. Sofer is so talented I look 15 years younger. I would highly recommend Dr. Sofer.

Finding Dr. Sofer was a stroke of luck (and research). Rather than go back to a great doctor in NYC, I made the switch to Dr. Sofer. His office is much more personal, I great wonderful attention to my concerns, and the results have been fantastic.

I had my mommy makeover (breast lift with implants augmentation and tummy tuck) with Dr. Sofer and I am so happy. Dr. Sofer is an amazing doctor. I have never had any type plastic surgery or botox or anything like that so I was very nervous about having these procedures being done and even canceled my first surgery due to my nervousness. About three months later I called to rescheduled. Dr. Sofer and the office were so nice and totally understood and was very nice to me. I must of called with about a million and one questions. He really knows what he's doing and delivered the exact results and size I wanted. My breast lost a lot of volume so I wanted an implant. I wanted to be totally natural and proportionate for my frame, nothing fake looking! He listened to my needs and I went with what he suggested and now I am absolutely happy!!! No one knows I had anything done. I had little pain and no bruising and for my stomach it's now FLAT!! Three kids later I thought that was never going to happen. The tummy tuck was a uncomfortable for a few weeks but OMG worth it. I'm so happy I chose him and had this procedure.

I saw many dr's regarding a breast reduction and I can't say enough great things about Dr. Sofer. I was so nervous going into this and he and his staff were so nice and answered all my questions. Dr. Sofer must of spent at least 45 minutes going over everything to make sure I was comfortable. I am so happy with the results and have recommended him many time to my friends and family. Excellent doctor!!!

I am a 39 year old female that has had three kids. My stomach was so disgusting looking I hated looking in the mirror or going to the pool with my children. When I finally decided to do something about it I went to Dr. Sofer because my girlfriend had lipo with him and looked amazing. Im not going to lie, after the surgery I was so sore and in pain! But after 3 days of laying in bed I started to feel much better and I now have the most amazing stomach. I can wear a two-piece bikini and I never thought in a million years I would be able to. His prices are good and he made my scar really low so its totally hidden. I love my results and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I had my breast augmentation by Dr. Sofer and I can not say enough about how happy I am. I really had a great experience. Going forward with the surgery I was very nervous and he took his time explaining exactly what I should expect and answered all of my questions. After the surgery he called me at home to make sure I was okay and if I had any questions. I was also nervous about what my breast would be like.... Amazing! Perfect.... Talented doctor and a great person...

Yelp Review for Dr. Alfred Sofer

  1. Ive been here for laser hair removal and am very pleased! I have very dark hair and the equipemtn they use is the best out there. All of the staff is friendly and professional, their office is gorgeous and its very convenient.
  2. I had a surgery with Dr. Sofer that went fantastic! I'm mostly grateful to him and all his staff for the way they treated me. A fantastic plastic surgeon and person! I will recommend the clinic 100%, and are planning to go back there soon.
  3. Pretty pleased! Went there today for laser hair removal and staff was very professional and I was in and out in less than 20 minutes including paperwork. Can't wait to go back!
  4. I had surgery with Dr Sofer and it went fantastic!!! He is a great surgeon and laser hair removal really works!
  5. Dr. Sofer and his whole staff are absolute perfection. His staff was so welcoming, comforting and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and had first hand knowledge which was very comforting! Dr. Sofer is incredible. He performed a breast augmentation on me and I couldn't be happier. I gave him a range on how big I wanted to go and let him make the final decision and he chose perfectly. From the size to the shape to the customer service I received I am truly beyond pleased. I will be going to Dr. Sofer for all my needs from here on out!

RateMD's reviews of Dr. Alfred Sofer

I love this doctor. I had my surgery for my mommy makeover 6 months ago and I couldn't be more pleased. I was immediately comfortable with Dr. Sofer. He has a great bedside manner and is very talented. Not an easy combination to find. So now... I HAVE A FLAT STOMACH!!! I'm so happy. What a great surgeon.

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