5 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

It’s no secret women love breast augmentation in Fairfield, CT. This is one of the most common requests at our plastic surgery center and is also one of the most rewarding for patients. Breast augmentation is an excellent way to restore the breasts after aging or childbirth and is ideal for women with smaller breast who want to balance their body proportions.

But one thing every woman considering breast augmentation wants to know is: What is the recovery like?

Recovering from breast augmentation is similar to any other surgical procedure. You need to plan, prepare, and follow all post-surgical instructions. However, we suggest a few strategies to ensure you have a smooth and uneventful recovery. Let’s look at our top 5 tips.

1. Ask for help

You’ll need someone to help you for a while until you have fully recovered. Have a friend, partner, or family member with you for the first 24–72 hours to help with household chores and childcare, if needed. Asking for help is often the hardest part for many women who are used to being busy and taking care of others. Fortunately, it is only temporary and most women can resume their normal activities fairly quickly–usually in about 10–14 days.

You’ll want to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for 6 weeks after surgery. (Heads up for moms: This includes not lifting small children under 20 lbs.) Additionally, you shouldn’t drive until you are finished with all narcotic pain medication. For our patients, this is usually within a few days.

2. Control your pain

Most women experience some degree of pain after their procedure, especially during the first 24–48 hours after surgery. How much pain you experience will depend on your pain tolerance and the surgical techniques used for your breast augmentation. Some women find they do just fine with over-the-counter pain medicine, and others opt for stronger prescriptions.

Different plastic surgeons in CT use different surgical techniques, and some techniques involve a more difficult recovery than others. Dr. Sofer uses an innovative approach to breast augmentation that includes shorter incisions and less time on the operating table—both of which result in a smoother recovery. Dr. Sofer can explain your surgical options for breast implants during your consultation.

3. Set up a recovery station

We often recommend that our patients set up an area of their home as a “recovery station.” This special space will have everything you need in 1 location: blankets, healthy snacks, bottled water, tissues, a phone charger, vitamins, and anything else you might need. A bed with plenty of pillows is also important so that you stay slightly elevated while resting to help minimize swelling.

4. Follow your doctor’s instructions and schedule a follow-up appointment

It may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the best ways to heal quickly and safely is to follow all your doctor’s post-operative instructions. These guidelines have been specifically developed to lower your risk of complications after surgery. Additionally, make sure you see your surgeon for a follow-up appointment within a week or 2 after your surgery. This visit will allow your surgeon to monitor your progress and make sure you are healing correctly.

5. Continue to develop healthy habits

After breast augmentation surgery, it’s important to start or continue healthy habits so that you can enjoy your new results for many years. If you don’t smoke, eat right, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight, you’ll be less likely to have complications down the road.

If you’d like to learn more about how breast revision can help you, don’t hesitate to book your consultation. You can reach our Fairfield, Connecticut, office at 203-336-9862 or through our online booking tool.

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