All About Arm and Thigh Lifts

Surgical body contouring procedures enhance your shape by removing excess skin and fat, but these procedures can also improve the tone of underlying tissues. The most well-known body contouring procedure is a tummy tuck, but it’s not the only one. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Alfred Sofer, MD performs a variety of body contouring procedures, including arm and thigh lifts.

If you’re considering an arm or thigh lift, this article contains everything you need to know.

What are arm and thigh lifts?

An arm lift (officially called brachioplasty) and thigh lifts (for both inner and outer thighs) are two types of body contouring surgeries designed to remove excess skin and fat. Liposuction can remove fat, provided that you have good skin tone, but a lift reshapes your arm or thigh, and may be beneficial if your skin isn’t so elastic.

When to consider an arm lift

Because an arm lift is a cosmetic surgery and requires downtime, it’s important to make sure that surgery is right for you. You should be in good overall health, a non-smoker, and committed to the recovery period before undergoing cosmetic surgery. 

You might consider an arm lift if:

During an arm lift, Dr. Sofer removes excess sagging skin, tightens and smooths underlying tissues (this helps to define the shape of your arm), and reduces localized areas of unwanted body fat on your upper arms.

When to consider a thigh lift

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are two types of thigh lifts: inner and outer. You might consider a thigh lift if:

After surgery, some scarring is possible, but the results of your thigh lift can be long-lasting, especially if you’re committed to healthy habits such as eating well and exercising regularly. As with arm lifts, a thigh lift isn’t just fat removal. After your thigh lift, you’ll notice firmer skin with improved texture.

What to expect after surgery

Before surgery, you can expect a thorough pre-surgery checklist, including a medical examination to clear you for surgery and stopping specific medications that may interfere with recovery (under the direction of Dr. Sofer). 

But what can you expect afterward? Both arm and thigh lifts require downtime so your body can heal. Your unique healing journey depends on your overall health and how many procedures you have at once. 

In general, you can expect to:

Most importantly, arm lifts and thigh lifts can boost your self-confidence and help you fall in love with your body all over again. 

Ready to learn more? If you’d like to find out if an arm lift or thigh lift (or any other body contouring procedure) is right for you, call our Fairfield, Connecticut or Miami, Florida office to schedule your consultation. Alternatively, you may book an appointment online.

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