Breast Augmentation: To Tell or Not to Tell?

If you’ve had your eyes on headlines recently, it’s likely that you’ve noticed an increasing number of people, especially celebrities, being more forthcoming about their cosmetic enhancements. You may even know people in your own life who have been more eager to talk about their own surgeries or nonsurgical procedures, even on social media.

Breast augmentation remains the most popular procedure in the nation — it’s just that more people are feeling free to talk about it. That doesn’t mean you need to, though. If you’re on the fence about sharing your own breast augmentation experience – whether you have it here in CT or somewhere else — remember that who you tell is entirely your business.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a big one – maybe the most significant decision you’ve made in recent memory. Just as you would do when weighing any big decision, you may wish to discuss it with friends, family members, or other important people in your life. It’s a medical decision, of course, but breast augmentation also has a financial decision built in, so I emphasize that patients should discuss their plans with other adults who share the family finances, such as a spouse.

Only you can decide exactly who to tell and when. For example, there’s certainly no rule that says you need to share the details of your surgery with your social media network (unless you want to). However, it’s a good idea to keep those closest to you in the loop, as they’ll likely be good resources for you during your recuperation. Whether you need someone to lend a hand with childcare, run an errand for you, or even share the bra shopping experience once you’re fully recovered, it’s nice to feel free to lean on the people around you.

Plastic surgery isn’t always about looking better. For many of my patients, their procedure of choice alleviates a lifelong insecurity or hang-up, bestowing them with a hefty boost of confidence or self-esteem that extends well beyond the mirror. Additionally, your positive experience with breast augmentation may well convince someone who’s on the fence about her own surgery, “paying it forward.” Indeed, I suspect that’s part of the motivation for a lot of women who do decide to share their experiences on social media.

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