Breast Lift: You May Be a Candidate

Breast lift is a bit unique among cosmetic surgery procedures in that its guidelines for candidacy sometimes overlap with other breast procedures. For example, many women who initially visit me for breast augmentation are actually better suited to breast lift – and vice versa. As a plastic surgeon, I care deeply about making sure my Darien, Connecticut patients are empowered to make the best possible choices for themselves. Let’s take a closer look at what makes breast lift (mastopexy) the right fit.

What Does a Breast Lift Do?

A breast lift does just that – it lifts the breasts to perkier, higher positions on the chest. This makes it the best way to address sagging or drooping breast tissue. Breast lift generally changes the shape and firmness of the breasts, but it doesn’t add volume or size. Only breast augmentation can do that.

Breast lift lifts the nipples as it lifts the breast tissue. It may also improve a woman’s physical comfort.

When a woman wants to achieve both objectives (i.e., add volume and lift sagging or drooping breast tissue), the 2 procedures are often performed in tandem. You can see a good example of this in my photo gallery.

Are You a Candidate?

When I evaluate a woman for breast lift surgery, I look for a few key qualities:

Of course, these are just guidelines. There are many other factors, some physical and some psychological, that make someone a good candidate for surgery.

The Consultation Matters Most

To get the desired result from your procedure, it’s important to start with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has demonstrated competence in breast enhancement, particularly breast lift. Ensuring you’ve chosen a board-certified surgeon is the single most important thing you can do to safeguard yourself against complications. Board-certified surgeons have to prove their skills through a rigorous oral and written examination process, and they also must have a successful history of past patients.

Perhaps equally important, you want a surgeon who makes you feel at ease. By finding a surgeon with whom you really “click,” you can ensure you’re both working toward the same goals — beautiful, youthful breasts that make you look and feel fabulous for years.

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