Preparing yourself for plastic surgery.

One of the most common questions I get asked from my patients is, “What can I do to prepare myself for surgery?”.  In some cases it’s a simple matter of seeing your primary care doctor and making sure you are in optimal health, but in general it’s looking at your over health and making some lifestyle changes that will help you maintain the look you want to achieve. As most of us know, eating right and getting exercise is the most important health choice we make, but yet it is not always easy. Many variable can stand in our way. For women needing a tummy tuck to repair stretched out muscles and sagging skin, after massive weight loss or childbirth sometimes lifestyle choices just won’t be enough to achieve a natural curve to your waistline. For some of these women, no matter how much workout or diet they do, this type of repair may need surgical intervention to achieve their goal. The biggest challenge is maintaining your form after your procedure, especially any body contouring surgeries. There is no doubt that this was a big decision personally and financially and it’s something that requires some preparation for maintain your choice. I recommend that patients see a nutritionist and start incorporating a healthy diet.

Down with sugar! Sugar is one of the biggest component to weight gain. Sugar is an addition and is the hardest to reduce or cut out of your diet. Get on the right track with a nutritionist and cut the sugar! It’s the first step in achieving your goal for a better and healthier look!

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