Surgical Procedures that Body Contouring Includes

Surgical Procedures that Body Contouring Includes

Body contouring is an umbrella term to describe a number of cosmetic surgical procedures. Body contouring is more than just fat removal. Rather, it’s a collection of surgical procedures that define your shape as well as improve the appearance of various parts of your body. 

Below, Alfred Sofer, MD explores the numerous surgical procedures we offer that focus on body contouring.

Why should you consider body contouring? 

Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight but still struggle with loose, excess skin? Or maybe, your body just isn’t the same after pregnancy? Body contouring procedures can help you achieve your desired shape after weight loss by removing excess skin, using liposuction techniques to remove any excess fat, and, in some cases, tightening your muscles. 

The ideal candidates for body contouring surgical procedures:

Additionally, you may need to consider if you’re planning on becoming pregnant soon. While you can become pregnant after body contouring procedures, pregnancy can alter the results of your surgery. You may opt to postpone any procedures until your family is complete.

Exploring your options: which surgical procedures are considered body contouring?

When it comes to surgical procedures that include body contouring, Dr. Sofer may suggest any of the following: 

Although all of these surgical procedures focus on different parts of your body, they have one goal: to enhance the shape of your body. Each procedure achieves that goal in different ways. For example, during an abdominoplasty, your midsection receives a new look thanks to a reshaped belly button, tightened midline muscles, liposuction, and surgical excision of excess skin. The result is a sleeker abdomen with a more contoured look.

For lifts, Dr. Sofer removes excess skin and fat from your inner thighs or upper arms. He then repositions and tightens your skin to create new contours. The result is upper arms and thighs that appear more youthful and more toned. 

A Brazilian butt lift enhances your silhouette by removing unwanted excess fat from various parts of your body and then injecting it into your buttocks to create a fuller, more voluptuous look.

Which procedures are right for you?

Cosmetic surgery, especially body contouring procedures, is highly individualized. Each body is unique, and so are your aesthetic goals and concerns. That’s why Dr. Sofer takes time to discuss all of your goals with you during your consultation. You may find that one body contouring procedure isn’t enough to help you achieve your goals, and that’s okay. Mommy makeovers, for instance, are designed to help you give your entire body a makeover. They may include any combination of breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, and even breast lift revisions. 

If you’re considering body contouring to enhance your silhouette and define new curves, call Dr. Sofer at 203-336-9862 today to set up your consultation. You can also request a consultation at our Fairfield, Connecticut office via our online booking tool.

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