The Benefits of Breast Revision Surgery

If your breast implants have shifted, or if you’re no longer happy with their size, it’s time to consider a breast revision. Breast revision surgery can address many of your concerns, from discomfort due to scarring, ruptured or leaking implants, or dissatisfaction with their size. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Alfred Sofer, MD understands that, while breast augmentation is a generally well-received surgical procedure, there are a small number of women who may benefit from breast revision surgery

In this article, Dr. Sofer highlights four main benefits of breast revision surgery and the signs that you might benefit from one.

1. Relief from previous breast implant complications

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, with nearly 200,000 women opting for implants in 2020. However, implants aren’t designed to last for multiple decades. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, complications can arise (as with any surgery), especially if the implants are over 10 years old. Potential complications can include:

It’s also possible that the implants were improperly positioned from the beginning, which can contribute to an unnatural appearance. Breast revision surgery can help address these unwanted complications. You may opt to remove your implants entirely, or you may elect to replace your saline implants with a silicone gel alternative. Your new implants may be a different size, shape, or even a different texture.

Regardless, if you’re not happy with your current implants, Dr. Sofer will review your aesthetic goals, examine the state of the current implants, and make appropriate recommendations for revision surgery.

2. Address dissatisfaction with your implant size

If you’re not happy with your implant size, you might consider breast revision surgery. Whether you feel your implants were too big or too small, Dr. Sofer can perform breast revision to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

3. Improved cosmetic appearance

Implants that fold, shift out of place, or are asymmetrical can contribute to an unbalanced look. 

Breast implant revision enhances the appearance of your breasts by:

During your one-hour initial consultation with Dr. Sofer and his team of nurses, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss all your concerns with your current implants. During your pre-op appointment, we’ll take photos. This is also when you’ll select your implant.

4. Improved self-confidence

If you’ve chosen to enhance your appearance with breast augmentation surgery, we know that implant complications or asymmetry can be devastating. However, breast implant revision, either by removing or replacing your implants, can have an immediate and profound impact on the cosmetic appearance of your breasts, resolve any aesthetic flaws, and subsequently boost your self-confidence. In other words, breast implant revision has the power to transform a negative augmentation into a positive experience.

When to consider breast revision surgery

You might consider breast revision surgery if:

Because breast revision surgeries can be more complex than the primary breast augmentation, it’s important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sofer who’s experienced in both breast augmentation and revision surgeries. To learn more about breast revision surgery, you can initiate the consultation process by calling our Fairfield, Connecticut or Miami, Florida office. You can also book an appointment online.

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