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What you need to know: Not ready for a facelift, but want to look younger!….

The aging process:  What to do to look younger if you’re not ready for a facelift!

The most common question people ask Dr. Sofer is, “What do I do to look younger, if I’m not ready for a facelift?”.  This is a question the needs to be answered on a individual basis, however, there are some basic things to understand about aging and what treatments can help.

As we age thing start shifting, volume is lost and collagen and elastin are depleting. This contributes to sagging facial features and leads to the formation of wrinkles, creases and folds. Doing a traditional face lift, eye lift, and brow lift on the right person at the right time in this process can take years off your face, however, it doesn’t mean that there will not be a need for addressing volume loss and muscle activity that is contributing to the problem. In many cases a combination or treatments and/or surgery may be the best solution for your individual needs.

What is the Ogee Curve?

In aesthetic facial surgery, the term “ogee curve” is used to describe the malar or cheekbone prominence transitioning into the mid-cheek hollow. The aim of a mid-face rejuvenation is to restore the ogee curve and enhance the cheekbones. This enhancement is also commonly a part of a routine Facelift and the Liquid Facelift. Dermal Fillers and such as Juvederm ® Voluma ®, and Radiesse ® can provide gentle lift and contouring.  Lifting or filling the ogee curve the cheek area will provide a more youthful appearance.  

Combined with Botox ® or Dysport and skilled injection techniques significant results are achieved and is another aspect of the Liquid Facelift. It is critical that your injector be extremely skilled to achieve a natural look. 

What does a Liquid Face lift do?

A Liquid Face Lift can be done to accomplish any of the following:

Results from the Liquid Face Lift techniques are usually gradual and can range from subtle to astonishing. These procedures generally take a half hour to an hour, and the patient can return to most normal routines the same day. As with all cosmetic medical procedures, results will vary from patient to patient. Expect swelling for a few days and in some cases mild bruising can occur.

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