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When Liposuction Is Your PAL

The roster of liposuction techniques available is long, even overwhelming. Ever since liposuction was first introduced more than 40 years ago, technological advances have made the procedure more effective than ever. In your research, you’ll come across VASERlipo®, SAFELipo®, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, waterjet liposuction, and many, many others.

Based on my years of experience, though, I’ve concluded that the most reliable results can be achieved using traditional tumescent liposuction, with a little help. Power-assisted liposuction, called PAL, is standard at my Fairfield, CT, practice. It’s a gentler form of the classic liposuction technique.

There are several reasons I believe PAL is the best liposuction technique available:

Power-assisted liposuction toned the upper and lower abdomen of the 33-year-old patient shown here.

Power-assisted liposuction is also quite versatile, which plays into our goal of offering aesthetic improvements to as many of our patients as possible. That’s also why we offer affordable financing options for qualified patients.

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