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For women and men looking for platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) for facial rejuvenation in Connecticut, we offer the gold standard with SELPHYL platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). SELPHYL is a revolutionary new product that maximizes the benefits of platelet-rich plasma treatments by working as both a filler and an agent of facial renewal. PRP treatments have become increasingly popular for reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating skin using healing agents from a patient’s own blood. SELPHYL can streamline and optimize PRP treatments to dramatically improve signs of aging and rejuvenate the face, neck, and hands.

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Benefits of PRP with SELPHYL

In addition to improving facial contours, SELPHYL harnesses the body’s own healing power to rejuvenate the skin. Because the injectable is created from the patient’s own blood, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction. Visible results are both immediate and sustained. SELPHYL is commonly used to treat:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Diminished facial volume (cheeks, jaw, temples)
  • Skin laxity
  • Acne scars

Patients who have had bad reactions to certain dermal Fillers could be good candidates for SELPHYL injections instead.

How It Works

The SELPHYL System produces a platelet-rich fibrin matrix—a combination of the patient’s own blood and fibrin. The platelets and fibrin are separated from the blood using a centrifuge and a chemical catalyst. This produces a viscous concentrate that is injected like a dermal filler. When injected just under the skin, this formula activates new skin cell growth and gradually builds a stronger collagen support system.

Dr. Sofer’s Approach

First, we draw a very small sample of your blood, and using the SELPHYL System, separate out the platelets and fibrin. The difference between this system and traditional PRP systems, is that SELPHYL removes virtually all contaminating cells without relying on operator technique.

Your injector makes a series of small injections under the skin in the target areas. The PRFM acts as an immediate filler, and over time triggers new cell growth and stimulates collagen production. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles and produces an overall improvement in skin texture and tone, making patients look healthier and younger. The whole process takes about 30 minutes.

Other Options

During your consultation, Dr. Sofer will go over all of your facial rejuvenation options. Some patients may prefer to improve facial contours with dermal fillers. You may also consider microneedling, which also harnesses the body’s own healing powers to rejuvenate the skin. Other options include laser resurfacing, and chemical peels, but there is downtime associated with these procedures.

Your Results

Like other injectables, patients may experience slight discomfort during the treatment. It is not uncommon for patients to have minor redness, swelling, itching, or bruising after the treatment, but that should resolve quickly.

The treatment area will begin to look firmer and smoother after about 2 to 3 weeks due to the production of new cells. This improvement will continue for several weeks, with gradual overall improvement in lines, wrinkles, and skin tone.

Commonly, patients undergo one treatment and see significant results, but every patient is different. We create individualized treatment plans to ensure optimal results for each patient.

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