YAG Skin Rejuvenation


YAG Skin Rejuvenation

The Cynosure Apogee Elite 1064 is one of our most versatile wavelengths. The non-invasive infrared laser safely heats the skin to approximately 118 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in a controlled thermal injury. The body, in response to injury, will  promote new collagen, induce elastin production and tightening effects.

  • For tightening we recommend a package of 4 treatments 2–4 weeks apart.
  • A  YAG laser treatment takes about 30–45 minutes. This is a process and it will take 30–60 days to start to see the tightening effects.
  • There is no social downtime following a YAG Laser skin rejuvenation treatment. There may be a slight pinkness and feeling of mild sunburn following treatment. A few people may experience very mild swelling. Most patients feel no discomfort and return to normal activity immediately.
  • Skin should keep from the sun 1 week before and after treatment and a SPF 50 is recommended.  The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. Your best skin tightening results will emerge 4–6 months after the course of treatments.

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