Chemical Peel Treatment Regimen


Chemical Peel Treatment Regimen

Prior to Treatment

Face should be clean and free from makeup, lotions, and perfumes.
All contraindications listed in Consent Form should be adhered to. (medications, skincare products, sun exposure, etc.)
Depending on which Chemical Peel is chosen for your treatment, preparation of the skin, amount of passes, and processing time will vary.
A handheld fan will be given to reduce discomfort/heat that is occasionally felt by the chemicals applied.

After Treatment

The skin may present as pink, warm, tight, tingling and/or a slight burning sensation. Please wear an SPF 30 and limit your sun exposure.
Refrain from exercise for 24 hours after your treatment.
Post treatment kits/products will be reviewed by your technician.

Please see the following:

  • Milk Peel/Post treatment kit included
  • Perfect Derma/Post treatment kit included
  • Intermediate 10 Peel/customized skin care recommended

The post treatment kits are individual to each of our chemical peels. Each kit contains products and directions for use following your peel. Your technician will also recommend skin care products and usage that should be followed after the kits are completed. Please remember that skin shedding is not to be expected with all forms of Chemical Peel treatments. Environmental factors, previous skin regimens, UV exposure, and being exposed for the first time to Chemical Peels, may all contribute to the effectiveness and the depth of a Chemical Peel treatment. High rate of exfoliation and cell turnover is taking place at an increased rate. The chemicals in the peel are effective at the dermal layer, deep within the skin, and all transformation is not necessarily visible.

Your technician will advise you on the frequency of appointments necessary for best results. Remember to ask us with any questions or concerns that you may have. If something does not feel right after treatment, then please do not hesitate to call.

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