Chin Augmentation


Chin Augmentation 

Chin augmentation (mentoplasty) enhances definition of the chin so that it will be proportional to the face. Chin augmentation has increased in popularity as new techniques and products emerge.


We will discuss both surgical and non-surgical options for chin augmentation and tailor the plan so it suits your goals.

Duration of chin augmentation plastic surgery

1–2 hours


Anesthesia will be local or general in an accredited surgical facility or hospital by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Surgical Technique 

A small, 3 cm incision will be made on the chin crease for placement of implantech chin implants… Learn More

Recovery after chin implant

While experiences vary, recovery after chin augmentation surgery generally proceeds as follows:

  • 1–2 hours in the recovery room
  • 3 days to manage surgical discomfort with muscle relaxants and pain medications
  • 10–14 days to resume your everyday activities and 4–6 weeks to resume your full exercise regiment

Cost of chin implant augmentation plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery Cost Breakdown that includes a one time fee:

  • Initial consultation with the doctor and nurses (1 Hour)
  • Pre-op appointment to review paperwork and gathering information regarding medication and follow up appointments. Photo are usually taken, implant selection. (1–2 Hours)
  • Anesthesia and the implant for your surgery
  • Surgery fee for your plastic surgeon; 24-hour on-call surgeon
  • Operating room fee (equipment, staff and room fee) and arments (may or may not be included)
  • 3–6 follow up visits that are about 15–30 minutes each; bandages and equipment in the visits
  • Post-operative photos

We offer financing via CareCredit.

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