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Kybella-R_Injection_Logo_RGBA perennial concern among patients, a double chin (called “submental fullness” in the medical community) can be especially aggravating thanks to its resistance to diet and exercise adjustments. Today, there’s a relatively simple solution for this common complaint: KYBELLA. These “double chin injections” are popular with patients from Fairfield, Westport, Darien, and other Connecticut communities who simply want to look their best — at any angle.

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KYBELLA for New Contours

The introduction of KYBELLA heralds a new era in facial rejuvenation. As the first injectable treatment FDA approved to reduce fat under the chin, KYBELLA is a promising option for people who wish to avoid surgery. KYBELLA is different from other injectable treatments, such as dermal fillers, because its results can last indefinitely.

How It Works

The active ingredient in KYBELLA is a chemical called deoxycholic acid. Naturally occurring in our digestive systems, deoxycholic acid helps to break down dietary fats in the foods we eat. When administered to subcutaneous fat under the chin, KYBELLA breaks down those fat cells, which are then gradually absorbed by the body and flushed away over time.

Dr. Sofer’s Approach

At Plastic Surgery Center of Fairfield, your health, safety, and long-term wellbeing are of utmost concern. You can anticipate thoughtful, comfortable care throughout your entire treatment process.

During your treatment, your injector begins by numbing the area beneath your chin with a topical anesthetic. Once your skin is numbed, the treatment consists of a series of injections to the area in a grid pattern. This ensures even coverage and pleasing, symmetrical results. The entire treatment takes minutes, and you can expect to be out of our office within about 45 minutes.

Immediately after your appointment, you can comfortably return to your regular daily activities. There is no downtime, but it’s likely that you’ll experience mild or moderate redness, tenderness, or swelling for a day or so after your visit.

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Other Options

During your consultation, you will have a chance to discuss your options. We offer several different treatments to accomplish the goal of refining your chin and jawline. KYBELLA is the best option for many patients, but some may be a better candidate for chin augmentation.

Your Results

It takes some time for the active ingredient in KYBELLA to take effect, so it’s important to be patient while your results develop. Typically, Dr. Sofer recommends a series of treatments to maximize your outcome. You may see your preliminary results developing as quickly as 1 week after your first appointment; however, patient experiences vary.

Over time, the treated fat goes away, revealing an attractive, defined chin and jawline.

The results of your KYBELLA treatment are incredibly long lasting, provided you maintain a steady weight and stick to healthy diet and exercise habits.

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