Mommy Makeovers! Getting their curves back

Tummy Tuck patient of Dr. Alfred Sofer

Another of Dr. Sofer’s patient below had a tummy tuck. Liposuction was used to give her back her natural curve after childbirth.

Before and After Photos

Dr. Alfred Sofer, patient after tummy tuck

Dr. Sofer focus during a tummy tuck (also in mommy makeovers) surgery is developing beautiful curses on the side as well as achieving a flat stomach. Once the muscles are stretched out they need repair to get this look. Dr. Sofer tightens the muscles in a specific way that allows the tummy to look its best and matches any breast enhancement procedure (such as breast augmentation or breast lift) that maybe done at the same time. In this patient, Dr. Sofer has tightened the muscles of the tummy to define the waist and produce the results shown.


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