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Local gyms and fitness centers are full of people striving to achieve a flat and toned abdomen. But, following a fitness regimen and eating well isn’t always enough to get the desired results. Every year, over 125,000 people have a tummy tuck to shift excess skin and fat, or to restore tone and shape post-pregnancy. Alfred Sofer, MD, is an expert plastic surgeon who has won awards for his exceptional results. He welcomes patients at his offices in Fairfield, Connecticut, and White Plains, New York. Call today or book through the website to discuss your cosmetic needs.

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What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reduces excess fat and skin and tightens separated or weakened abdominal muscles. The result is a firmer and smoother abdomen. 

It’s a popular procedure with people who have lost an extreme amount of weight and have excess sagging skin. It’s also common with women who have lost abdominal tone through pregnancy. Many mothers get a breast augmentation or lift at the same time as part of a Mommy Makeover package.

Dr. Sofer tailors his tummy tuck procedure to each patient’s body, creating an aesthetic that contours to your shape.

What happens during tummy tuck surgery?

During a tummy tuck, Dr. Sofer makes an incision across your abdomen, from hip bone to hip bone. He’s perfected a technique that makes scarring less conspicuous and easy to hide with clothing.

A complete abdominoplasty involves moving or reshaping the belly button. Most patients prefer an “innie” belly button. Dr. Sofer has mastered a variety of techniques to achieve this sought after effect. He tightens the midline muscles and uses liposuction to contour the upper and lower abdomen.

Can you lose weight with a tummy tuck?

Weight loss isn’t the primary goal of a tummy tuck, but some people lose weight as an outcome of having excess skin and fat removed. A tummy tuck aims to create a more contoured, sleeker abdomen.

Before surgery, Dr. Sofer discusses the benefits of a tummy tuck with you and talks through the results you can expect.

How long do tummy tuck results last?

A tummy tuck is a permanent procedure, and the results last forever, providing you gain or lose little to no weight. If you plan on losing a lot of weight after surgery, wait until you’ve done so before you book your treatment. 
It’s safe to become pregnant after a tummy tuck procedure, but it will compromise your results. It’s best to wait until you’re sure you no longer want to become pregnant before moving forward.

Dr. Sofer wants you to enjoy the results of your tummy tuck surgery for years to come. Before surgery, you discuss your lifestyle and plans. It will help you agree on a timeline of when you should go ahead with the procedure.

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