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Brazilian Butt Lift

Actual Brazilian Butt Lift & Mommy Makeover by Dr. Alfred Sofer

Actual Brazilian Butt Lift & Mommy Makeover by Dr. Alfred Sofer

Buttock Augmentation, sometimes referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift, is where fat is injected into the buttocks to increase fullness, roundness and projection of the buttocks. It also helps improve the balance of your figure, which enhances your self-image and self-confidence.

A natural fat transfer procedure gives a very ‘natural’ looking result, which does not utilize foreign implant material, but instead uses your very own body fat that has been harvested from other body areas, fortified and then transplanted by micro injections into the areas where you could use a little extra volume.

Buttock Augmentation – Dr. Sofer’s Approach


Your body is fully evaluated. A surgical plan is tailored to specifically address your body. In Dr. Sofer’s view, the buttock is only a fraction of the back. To achieve a desirable outcome, the upper back, the lower back and the waist all need to be addressed.

Seeing is

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Actual Patient

Harvest Technique

The use of Power Assisted Liposuction harvests fat with speed. Using LipoFilter™, which is a large-volume (3-liter), dual-chamber, fat harvesting, and separation system, is designed to maintain high cell viability.

The fat taken from the ‘donor’ areas is then filtered, condensed, purified and fortified in a process that allows it to become more compatible with the transplanted area. The fat extraction and preparation process allows preservation of the health and integrity of the fat cell. Through this method and with the assistance of Water or Body-Jet Liposuction, very compatible grafting material can be done.

This compatible mixture is then inserted into the desired areas via tiny injections. By using your own fat, the risk of infection and tissue rejection is extremely low compared to a foreign material. The amount of fat that can be reused will depend on how much is removed in the beginning stage with the lipolysis procedure.

Individual results may vary. bbl3bbl5bbl4

Duration of Surgery for a Buttock Augmentation

1.5–3 hours depending on the amount of fat harvested and re-injected


General anesthesia is from a board certified anesthesiologist. It occurs in a hospital or an accredited surgical facility.

Recovery after a Buttock Augmentation

While experiences vary, in general:

  • Patients are in the recovery room for 1–2 hours.
  • Patients manage surgical discomfort for 3 days with pain medications and muscle relaxants.
  • Patients take 10–14 days to resume your daily living activities.
  • Patients resume full exercise in 4–6 weeks.

Dr. Sofer

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Patient Results

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Individual results may vary.



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Cost of a Buttock Augmentation

These costs usually include a one time fee that includes everything from start to finish.

  • Initial consultation with the doctor and nurses (lasts 1 hour)
  • Pre-op appointment to review paperwork and gathering information regarding medication and follow up appointments. Photo are usually taken, implant selection. (lasts 1–2 hours)
  • Surgery fee for your plastic surgeon and fees for your 24-hour on-call surgeon
  • Anesthesia, garments (possibly included) and operating room fees of staff, equipment and room fee for you surgery
  • 3–6 follow-up visits lasting 15–30 minutes each and may have additional bandage and equipment costs
  • Post-operative photographs

Factors such as doctor, place and more can influence final costs.

  1. Geography: Cost of living and location you live in.
  2. Surgical Time: This is especially relevant with larger surgeries and depends on the individual.
  3. Skill:  Your doctor’s skill level can influence costs.
  4. Implants:  Which implant you choose can also impact your charge.

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